What Artificial Intelligence Means for the Built Office Environment


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This eye-opening new white paper provides valuable insights for C-suite executives and directors as they make strategic planning decisions on key aspects of their estates and facilities:

Building sustainability
Workplace experience
Talent attraction and retention
Information security


Clarity and insight for today's leader

With so much being said about the rapid advances in AI technology, it can be difficult to know what to do, or even think, when making decisions for your business.

That's why, at ISS, we've partnered with a leading expert on AI and machine learning to explore the key implications and opportunities they present in helping businesses to address their most urgent challenges.

In conversation with Inma Martinez

ISS hosted a fascinating fireside chat with Leanne Lynch, CIO at ISS UK & Ireland, and Inma Martinez, global AI expert and author of our recent white paper, 'Rising Above The Noise: What AI Means for the Built Office Environment.'

It was an insightful session as Leanne and Inma explored the current landscape of AI technologies, what's on the horizon and what it means for property and Facilities Management professionals (and beyond).

Meet the author

Inma Martinez is a globally recognised thought leader in AI, technology and innovation. In her current role as Chair of the Multi-stakeholder Expert Group and Co-Chair of the Steering Committee at the GPAI, the G7/OECD global agency for AI development and cooperation, Inma brings unparalleled expertise in government advisory roles. She has also played a key role in shaping strategies and policies for the European Commission, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), UNESCO and the European Space Agency, among other esteemed institutions.

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